Europe’s Strides

From the February 2002 Trumpet Print Edition

American foreign policy has encouraged or ignored what the so-called European Union has caused:

• The destruction of 15 democratic nations.

• The abolition of 12 currencies and central banks.

• 16 million unemployed (due to preparation for the euro).

• The breakup of Czechoslovakia.

• The destruction of Yugoslavia.

• Ethnic cleansing of a million Serbs.

• Attacks on Jews and gypsies in Slovakia and Kosovo.

• Synagogues and Turkish homes burned in Germany.

• Threats to Norway and Switzerland unless they join the EU.

• The re-creation of former Nazi puppet states (Slovenia, Croatia, Slovakia).

• Threats against Poland, the Czech Republic and Britain; eastward German expansion.

• A barrier to the democratic integration of former Soviet satellites into the free world.

Even before the recent treaties of Amsterdam and Nice further consolidated its Europe-wide power, Germany was able to:

• Turn Britain and America against its historical ally, Yugoslavia, in the fight against German imperialism and fascism.

• Inveigle itself through massive loans to a bankrupt Russia into an embryo Molotov Ribbentrop pact (probably based on secret bilateral agreements in the 1980s and ’90s).

• Use “negotiations” of past treaties (like Maastricht) to turn an 11 to 1 opposition to the break-up of Yugoslavia into an “EU policy” which did just that.

• While tying down other EU countries into a “common” foreign policy, pursue ruthlessly its bullying of Poland and the Czech Republic.

• Use EU trade barriers against Eastern Europe and the prospect of nato membership to entice east European countries into the European Union.

• Use Russian fears of that very nato expansion to seduce Yeltsin/Putin away from the U.S. and Britain toward a new Franco-Russian-German axis.