Palestinians Torch Jewish Crops, Again

Menahem Kahana/AFP/Getty Images

Palestinians Torch Jewish Crops, Again

A group of Palestinian Arabs set fire to Jewish-owned wheat fields in the Israeli town of Yitzhar on Friday. A volunteer fire brigade was successful in extinguishing the fire, but was subsequently attacked by rioting Arabs throwing stones. It took an Israel Defense Forces (idf) contingent using non-lethal riot-control methods to restore order to the area. This is at least the sixth time in the last two years that local Arabs have set fire to Jewish fields in the region surrounding Yitzhar.

This case was unusual, however, because of the intervention of idf soldiers to restore order. Arutz Sheva reports that local residents say their complaints usually result in no security force response whatsoever. Some are even facetiously suggesting that perhaps the Kibbutz movement should send some volunteers to guard Jewish crops in addition to the volunteers it regularly sends to accompany local Arabs during the Olive harvest.

In cases like this, the Jews seem more willing to help their Arab attackers than they are to help their own people—just so they do not look politically incorrect.

Without the will to stand up for what is theirs, the Jews in Israel cannot hope to survive much longer as a state. For more information on Israel’s declining will to fight, read “Israel: When the Miracle Victories Ended.”