More Palestinian Doublespeak

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More Palestinian Doublespeak

Further evidence emerged last week exposing the gulf between genuine Palestinian Authority ideology and the pseudo-moderate face the group presents to Israel, America and the Western press.

“When Israel’s ideology will collapse, and after we take Jerusalem, Israel’s ideology will collapse altogether, and then we will proceed with our own ideology, inshallah [if Allah wills], and we will throw them out of all of Palestine,” said Abbas Zaki, PA ambassador to Lebanon, on Lebanese television last Wednesday.

Watch the full clip, translated by the Middle East Media Research Institute, here. Israel’s Arutz Sheva also noted the highlights of Zaki’s heart-to-heart with the Lebanese.

Lending support to the idea of a single Arab state in the Levant, not to mention the use of violence in reaching that goal, Zaki said: “We believe wholeheartedly that the right of return [of millions of Arabs and their descendants who left Israel in 1948 and 1967] is guaranteed by our will, by our weapons, and by our faith.”

“We talk politics,” Zaki said, “but our principles are clear. It was our pioneering leader, Yasser Arafat, who persevered with this revolution, when empires collapsed. Our armed struggle has been going on for 43 years, and the political struggle, on all levels, has been going on for 50 years. We harvest UN resolutions.”

With rumors of war in southern Lebanon growing, the PA representative also took the opportunity to rally young Lebanese Arabs to confront Israel with gusto: “The important thing is that in any [military] operation, Israel will pay a price. We don’t want cases in which you [Arabs] don’t kill even a chicken, but Israel kills 20 of you. I salute any operation that makes Israel pay a heavy price.”

Ever since he has taken office, PA leader Mahmoud Abbas and his cohorts have repeatedly mocked the PA’s “moderate” status with provocative words and radical actions. Abbas has promised Palestinians that he would fulfill Arafat’s goals of securing Palestinian refugees’ “right of return” and seizing control over eastern Jerusalem as the capital of a future Palestinian state. He has publicly called Israel the “Zionist enemy.” Rather than cracking down on terrorist activity, he approved government financial aid for the families of thousands of suicide terrorists, as well as for terrorists who are wounded or sitting in Israeli prisons.

But despite the reams of evidence exposing PA doublespeak, Israel, America and the Western media trip over themselves in an effort to appease and embolden Mahmoud Abbas and the PA in the false hope that the organization will reconcile its differences with the Jewish state.

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