Hamas Children’s TV: Eat the Danes

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Hamas Children’s TV: Eat the Danes

Assud, a giant rabbit mascot with a ravenous appetite, continues Hamas’s tradition of injecting hatred of the West into Palestinian children.

Hamas children’s TV aired a program on February 22 in which the show’s co-host, a giant rabbit named Assud, declares he will “bite” and “eat” Danes and Israelis. The program came in response to the recent decision by 17 Danish newspapers to republish a cartoon featuring the prophet Muhammad wearing a bomb for a turban.

In the program, Saraa, the show’s child hostess, tells viewers the cartoons are an attack on their messenger, Muhammad. Assud follows up by saying he will not let them repeat the attack: “If they repeat it we will kill them, by Allah. … I will bite them and eat them!”

The program, called Tomorrow’s Pioneers, also urges its child viewers to boycott Danish products. Saraa, while on the phone with a 10-year-old girl, tells her audience, “We will all boycott Danish products, and Israeli products first.”

This is another example of Hamas’s media campaign against Israel and the West. The program, intentionally designed to inject hated of Israel and the West into the pliable minds of young Palestinians, breeds tomorrow’s terrorists and perpetuates Arab aggression against Jewish statehood.

Previous co-hosts of Tomorrow’s Pioneers include such anti-Semitic, anti-Western characters as a Mickey Mouse look-alike called Farfur and a bee named Nahul. Hamas killed off Farfur when a character portraying an Israeli official who wanted to buy his land beat him to death, then killed Nahul when the “siege” of Gaza prevented him from going to a hospital.

The new character, Assud, comes from Lebanon and claims he “will finish off the Jews and eat them.”

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