Wanted: A New EU Strategy Toward Iran

The European Union’s policy toward Iran has been a failure. That was the message former Belgian Prime Minister Guy Verhofstadt gave the EU at the Free Iran Summit on June 29.

The solution, according to Verhofstadt: Europe must develop a new strategy toward the regime.

Highlights: Here are some highlights from his speech:

The European Union’s strategy towards Iran over the last decade has been a failure. It has been a strategy of appeasement. It has been an attitude of complacency. And it has failed. Because the mullahs’ regime is actually continuing its evil activities, its criminal activities, not only against its own people, but also against the world. And the list of their atrocities, dear friends, is long today. …

We have seen a steady proliferation of nuclear weapons under the mullahs’ regime. And they are almost ready to have a nuclear bomb. And there is, let us not forget, the destabilization of the whole Middle East. There is not a single terrorist organization in that part of the world that is not being supported and financed by Iran today. That is the reality. …

So my appeal today to the leaders of the 27 countries of the European Union, and in particular to the new leadership that has been elected and to the new high representative, is that we need a new strategy. A new strategy that is bolder, that is more courageous, that is more effective. In fact, I would say that we need a strategy that is as bold and courageous as the Iranian people themselves. That is what we need.

Europe has employed a weak foreign policy toward Iran for years. A prime example is the appeasement route it took in negotiations for the nuclear deal. Verhofstadt recognizes that the regime cannot be trusted and proposes that the new strategy should not support Iran obtaining any nuclear weapons.

Significance: Recent elections across the Continent show that the people want change. Prophecy says they will get it. Watch as Europe becomes more involved in the Middle East with a new “bold and courageous” strategy.

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