Putin and Xi Meet at SCO Summit

Russian President Vladimir Putin and Chinese President Xi Jinping laid out their goals for members of the Shanghai Cooperation Organization (sco) at a summit on Thursday in Astana, Kazakhstan.


  • Putin discussed the creation of a new set of Eurasian collective security treaties.
  • Xi urged members not to interfere with external affairs.

Xi also hinted that the two countries have advanced in making “plans and arrangements for the next development of bilateral relations.”

Last year’s summit featured criticism of what it called the negative impact of “unilateral and unlimited expansion of global missile defense systems by certain countries or groups of countries,” without specifying who the countries were.

Anti-West: Despite Putin’s claim that sco “is not aimed against anyone,” its goals clearly show that it means to act as a counterbalance to the West—the East’s version of nato.

“The organization has firmly established itself as one of the key pillars of a fair, multipolar world order,” Putin said.

Eastern alliance: After Putin’s annexation of the Crimean Peninsula, Xi publicly supported his “old friend.” In response, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry wrote, “[W]e have been proclaiming for over 50 years that Russia, China and other Asian nations would ally themselves in the end time. And we are in that end time now.”

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