North Korea Tests ‘Super’ Missile

North Korea successfully tested a new tactical ballistic missile that can carry a 4.5-ton “super large warhead,” North Korea’s state agency kcna reported on July 2.

The missile, named Hwasongpho-11 Da-4.5, was tested with a simulated heavy warhead to verify its stability and hit accuracy at the minimum range of 90 kilometers (55 miles) and the maximum range of 500 kilometers (310 miles).

Another launch of the same type of missile in July is set to test the “explosion power” of the large warhead.

Exaggerations? Likely referring to the same test, South Korea said Pyongyang launched two ballistic missiles, one of which exploded over land. South Korea claims its northern neighbor is exaggerating the capability of its missiles amid an arms race between the two countries.

The test comes after North Korea criticized a joint military exercise by the United States, South Korea and Japan. It called the alliance “the Asian version of nato.” Pyongyang said it would defend its sovereignty and security “through offensive and overwhelming countermeasures” in a statement by kcna.

Coming alliance: Expect North Korea, along with other major Asian nations, to move away from the United States and join forces. Numerous Bible prophecies foretell a multinational Asian alliance led by Russia that will use its missiles and nuclear weapons to wage the largest war mankind has ever seen.

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