Scholz and Tusk Meet in Warsaw

German Chancellor Olaf Scholz met with Polish Prime Minister Donald Tusk in Warsaw on Tuesday amid security concerns and a politically turbulent Europe. This is the first intergovernmental meeting between the two countries since 2018.

Topics: Scholz took this opportunity to “move beyond past tensions and conflicts” by offering defense support along Poland’s eastern border, reparations for victims under Nazi occupation, and the construction of a memorial.

Poland’s conservative party has long demanded these reparations, but Germany never complied. Now that Tusk is in office, Germany is more willing to cooperate. Trumpet writer Richard Palmer explains the change in his article “Poland Under Attack.”

“Poland’s security and cohesion within nato are extremely important for Germany,” said a German government source. This is because Poland provides an important buffer zone between Russia and Western Europe.

Polish Deputy Foreign Minister Marek Prawda told Reuters that the meeting was the “opening of conversation in a spirit of concern about the future. Because we have a geopolitical turn in the world, the EU is no longer a factory of rules but is becoming a community of fate, and we have to respond to this change with at least some policy of increasing military capabilities.”

Prophesied alliance: Europe’s nations have a history of fighting each other, but increasing threats from the east and the south are necessitating a strengthened alliance, prophesied in your Bible.