Hungary Allies With European Far-Right Parties

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orbán announced on Sunday the new Patriots for Europe alliance between his Fidesz party and far-right parties Austria’s Freedom Party and Czechia’s Action of Dissatisfied Citizens.

Right turn: Far-right parties did very well in Europe’s June elections. But it was unknown if these parties could work together. This alliance, made a day before Hungary takes over the European Union’s rotating presidency, indicates that they can.

What next? Patriots for Europe will need lawmakers from at least four more EU countries to form a group in Parliament. Freedom Party Herbert Kickl is confident, saying all political forces are welcome. “[F]rom what I have heard in recent days, he said, “there will be more of them than some of you probably suspect right now.”

Prophetic perspective: The Bible prophesies of a radical transformation in European politics in this age. This trend will lead to Europe’s rise as one of history’s mightiest superpowers.

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