Supreme Court Verdict Indicates Trump Support

The Supreme Court ruled on Friday that the jury in Erlinger v. United States must be unanimous in its verdict, a decision that could have implications for the U.S. presidential race.

Why it matters: Paul Erlinger was convicted of unlawful possession of a firearm and given a tougher sentence due to prior convictions. But the Supreme Court said the jury must rule on whether the three prior crimes took place at the same time, and that the jury members must be unanimous.

In Alvin Bragg’s recent case against Donald Trump, Judge Juan Merchan said the jury could convict Trump without agreeing on what his crime was. Friday’s ruling by the Supreme Court indicates that it would rule in Trump’s favor should it intervene.

Prophetic perspective: Bible prophecy foretold the struggle we see between Donald Trump and the radical left today. One prophecy in particular indicates that the Supreme Court could step in to drastically affect this war’s outcome. To learn more, read “Is America’s Supreme Court in Bible Prophecy?