Russia Tests New Hypersonic Nuclear Missile Submarine

Russia has started testing its most advanced nuclear-powered submarine that can carry hypersonic cruise missiles. The Arkhangelsk was first tested in the White Sea on June 11 and will continue to be tested for months, Russian news outlet Paluba said.

With superior stealth capabilities, advanced sonar systems and better combat systems than previous versions, the sub is set to “redefine modern submarine warfare,” Paluba reported. True hypersonic nuclear missiles would be almost impossible to intercept with modern technology, including the United States’ most advanced missile defense systems.

This vessel is not only a testament to our technological prowess but also a critical asset in maintaining Russia’s naval superiority.
—Aleksei Rakhmanov, head of United Shipbuilding Corp.

Show of force: News of the tests came just days after Russian vessels docked in Cuba for military exercises in the Caribbean. Russian warships sailed less than 30 nautical miles off the coast of Florida in a show of naval force.

Nuclear Armageddon: Russia has the largest nuclear arsenal in the world, and President Vladimir Putin has repeatedly threatened to use it to deter the West from intervening in Ukraine. The new submarine shows Russia’s nuclear arsenal is becoming not only larger but also more advanced and stealthy.

The Bible reveals that this trend will soon lead to a devastating nuclear war.

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