Germany Proposes New Military Service Model

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius proposed a new form of military service on June 12 as the country looks for ways to increase its troop numbers and military power.

The proposal: Conscription, which was suspended in 2011, will not be reinstated. However, young men will have to answer a mandatory questionnaire about their interest and ability to serve. Women will be sent the questionnaire as well, but it is not compulsory for them to complete it.

Based on the responses, the Bundeswehr will select the most motivated and best-qualified individuals after a medical examination.

“We want a new model that relies primarily on voluntary participation, but also includes mandatory elements if necessary,” the proposal read.

Those selected will serve in the military for six months with an option for voluntary service up to an additional 17 months. After that, they have the option to become part of the military or reserves.

Preparing for war: Pistorius has repeatedly said military service was necessary because Russia’s ongoing invasion of Ukraine puts Europe at risk of war.

According to all international military experts, it must be assumed that Russia will be in a position to attack a nato state from 2029.
—Boris Pistorius

But the German military has struggled; its troop number last year shrunk to 181,500. Current assessments say the nation’s contribution to nato defense will require around 460,000 soldiers—about 200,000 active troops with the rest as reserves.

Serap Güler, of the opposition Christian Democratic Union, described the new proposal as halfhearted and said her party would continue to advocate for a return to conscription.

We need this plan because war has come to Europe. We have to be ready for the worst-case scenario. But the way the Bundeswehr is set up right now, we definitely aren’t.
—Serap Güler

German militarism: Watch as Germany expands and strengthens its military. The Bible reveals that it will soon lead a militaristic European superpower.

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