Four U.S. Teachers Stabbed in China

Four college instructors from Iowa were stabbed in a public park in China on June 10, according to Chinese and American government officials.

The incident occurred in the Chinese province of Jilin. The 55-year-old suspect, a local surnamed Cui, was detained. The motive for the attack is unknown.

Cui collided into a foreigner while walking in Beishan Park and then stabbed the foreigner and three fellow foreigners with a knife, as well as a Chinese tourist who tried to stop him.
—Jilin City police

The victims were taken to a hospital. Their injuries are not life-threatening, police said.

Censorship: While videos and images of the attack were widely posted on American social media, Chinese state media remained silent and tightly controlled discussion on the country’s heavily censored social media.

China’s Foreign Ministry called it an “isolated incident” and said it will not affect normal interactions between China and the United States. But since the Chinese Communist Party has been indoctrinating its people with increasingly rabid Han nationalism and anti-Americanism, some argue that the government is not guiltless.

I am seeing this make the news but I don’t think even most people really grasp what has been happening in China. … [I]t would be a big mistake to just consider this a one-off event for Americans but rather a manifestation of rabid officially sanctioned anti-foreigner racial superiority propaganda.
Christopher Balding, Chinese economy expert

Rising tensions: The event comes as tensions between China and the U.S. are rising. The Bible shows these tensions will continue growing until their economies are decoupled and China openly besieges the U.S.

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