In Heroic Mission, Israel Rescues Four Hostages

Four hostages who had been abducted by Hamas on October 7 were rescued by the Israel Defense Forces (idf) on June 8. The mission, Operation Arnon, was the largest recovery of hostages since the beginning of the Israel-Hamas war, and represents one of the most heroic and ingenious operations in recent war history.

One of the freed hostages was Noa Argamani, a woman who appeared in videos uploaded to social media shortly after Hamas’s massacre and kidnapping spree. In one video, she is forced onto a motorbike with terrorists after being separated from her boyfriend. “Don’t kill me,” she pleads.

She and the other three rescued hostages—Almog Meir Jan, Andrey Kozlov and Shlomi Ziv—were kidnapped at the Nova Music Festival, where Hamas killed 370 civilians.

The complex operation was named after Arnon Zamora, a commander with Israel’s National Counterterrorism Unit who was injured during the mission and later died of his wounds.

Complicit Gazans: The rescue exposed once again that numerous ordinary Gazans are actively supporting and abetting Hamas terrorism: The hostages’ captor was a Palestinian journalist.

Israel’s critics deplore the scores of journalists killed in this war—while seldom pausing to ask how Gaza could have had so many involved in supporting terrorism. Since the fighting began, it has become abundantly clear that many of these people were basically word processor-savvy proxies for Hamas, and a couple of them even doubled as gunmen. And now, a new low has been reached: a journalist who was also a captor of the hostages.
—Mark Dubowitz, ceo of Foundation for Defense of Democracies

Good news? The rescue operation has been celebrated throughout Israel as it constitutes some good news amid all the bleakness the country faces. But the fact that at least 116 hostages remain in Gaza, including some who are believed to have died in captivity, shows the extent of evil Hamas has committed against Israel.

Israel still has much to recover, and rescue missions like this further enrages anti-Semites and heightens tensions in the Middle East. Bible prophecy shows that another Palestinian attack is coming. This one will be far more devastating than the October 7 massacre.

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