Ukrainian Prisoners Tortured, Raped and Starved by Russians

At least 2,200 Ukrainian prisoners of war have been tortured in captivity, Prosecutor General of Ukraine Andrii Kostin said on June 5.

Russians are holding the prisoners in inhumane conditions and beating them, he said. More than 500 Ukrainian prisoners reported that physical violence was used against them, including electric shock.

Rape: Sexual violence has become commonplace in occupied territories. According to Kostin, Russian military personnel force prisoners to expose their bodies, mutilate their genitals, rape them, and apply electric shocks to their genitals.

Roman Chernenko, a 29-year-old Ukrainian intelligence officer, was in captivity for seven months. He was tortured three times every day for four months.

They laughed when they tortured me. … They told me that my mother was being [raped] by Chechens. They took me to be shot twice; they threatened me with rape.
—Roman Chernenko

Testimonies from people released from Russian captivity show that over 50 percent of detainees endured torture, rape or other forms of sexual violence, according to Serhii Kyslytsia, Ukraine’s representative to the United Nations.

Starvation: Another form of torture used is starvation. Roman Gorilyk, former checkpoint guard at the Chernobyl nuclear plant, was one of 75 Ukrainians exchanged for 75 Russian prisoners of war on Friday. Photos posted online show his extremely emaciated body.

The condition of Roman and other Ukrainian prisoners of war evokes horror and associations with the darkest pages of human history—Nazi concentration death camps.
—Coordination Headquarters for the Treatment of Prisoners of War

Almost all the released prisoners have suffered serious weight loss, sores and chronic conditions from untreated injuries, the National Guard of Ukraine reported.

Soviet-style ‘satanic’ war: Russia’s treatment of Ukrainian prisoners is absolutely sickening, reminding many of how the Soviets treated their prisoners in World War ii. As we wrote in the May-June 2023 Trumpet issue:

The Russia-Ukraine War is giving the world a vivid picture of the scale of evil [Russian President Vladimir Putin] is willing to commit. … Putin is an evil, ruthless, vindictive agent with Soviet-style methods of psychological warfare, assassination and war. He has disgusting and devastating policies that are sick to the core and even satanic!

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