Iran Uses Gangs in Sweden to Attack Israeli and Jewish Targets, Sweden Warns

The Iranian government is using Swedish gangs as proxies to attack Israeli targets and Iranian dissidents, Sweden’s security service, Säpo, said on May 31.

The Iranian state uses criminal networks in Sweden to carry out violent acts against other states, groups or individuals in Sweden that Iran regards as threats.

The statement comes after Israeli and Swedish media cited documents from Israel’s spy service, Mossad, saying that the head of the most infamous criminal gang in Scandinavia, Foxtrot, had started working for Iran. Foxtrot’s main rival network, Rumba, had also been recruited by the Iranian regime.

Gang violence: In May, Swedish police investigated a suspected shooting near the Israeli Embassy in Stockholm. In January, an explosive device was discovered outside the same embassy. Since then, police have increased security around Israeli and Jewish interests in the country.

Sweden has faced the highest number of deadly shootings per capita in Europe, largely because of fights between immigrant gangs. Fifty-five people were killed and 109 people were injured in Sweden last year in 363 shootings.

Clash with Iran: Expect Sweden and other European countries to crack down on radical Islamic immigrants as the people feel increasingly threatened by Iran-sponsored Muslim groups. Bible prophecy forecasts a coming clash between Iran and Europe.

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