Michael Cohen Admits to Stealing From Trump

Michael Cohen May 06, 2019 in New York City.
Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Michael Cohen Admits to Stealing From Trump

Michael Cohen, Alvin Bragg’s star witness in his prosecution against Donald Trump, admitted to stealing $60,000 from Trump’s company on Monday.

This illustrates two things:

  • The weakness of Bragg’s case
  • The bias in America’s weaponized legal system

Theft: Cohen, Trump’s former personal lawyer and fixer, was directed to pay RedFinch Solutions $50,000 for rigging online polls in Trump’s favor in 2016. However, Cohen only paid $20,000, and his RedFinch correspondent accepted it.

But Cohen requested a reimbursement of $50,000, pocketing $30,000 for himself. Because his reimbursement was grossed up to $100,000 so he could avoid taking a tax hit, Cohen ended up stealing $60,000. Cohen said he stole the money because he did not receive the bonus he thought he deserved.

Todd Blanche, Trump’s lead lawyer: “So the $50,000 that you got back from RedFinch… you only paid the RedFinch owner $20,000, right?”

Cohen: “Yes, sir.” …

Blanche: “So you stole from the Trump organization?”

Cohen: “Yes, sir.”

Blanche: “You didn’t just steal the 30,000 because it was grossed up; it was 60,000?”

Cohen: “Yes, sir.” …

Blanche: “Did you ever have to plead to larceny?”

Cohen: “No, sir.”

Bias: The case against Trump is so weak that aggressive lawyers passed on the case before Bragg took it.

Even if convicted, Trump is unlikely to face jail time because the charges are at most misdemeanors or lowest-level felonies. Most charged with similar offenses face only probation or fines.

Cohen is another liability to this case. He is a documented perjurer who is vocally partial against Trump, and now he has admitted to a theft that, if convicted, could put him in jail for 15 years. But he wasn’t charged because he has the “correct” political beliefs. The judge over the case has prohibited the presentation of any additional evidence proving Cohen’s lies and theft.

Corruption: The Bible prophesied America’s corrupt modern legal system. And it reveals that the attempts to end Donald Trump’s political career will not work, as this shot to Cohen’s credibility shows.

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