Knife Attack in Switzerland Injures Six

Six people were wounded in a knife attack just after 4 p.m. yesterday at a train station in the city of Zofingen, Switzerland. The attack appears to be isolated.

Two were seriously injured, including a pregnant woman who received slash wounds to her face. According to police, “The man is probably of foreign origin and around 40 years old.” The exact nationality and motive of the man remains unknown.

Wider problem: Isolated stabbing attacks like this one are part of Europe’s struggle to curtail increased crime.

According to figures published by the Federal Statistical Bureau in 2023, crimes across France, Germany, Sweden and other West European nations committed by foreigners made up nearly half of all homicide and rape convictions in 2022.

  • Out of the 93,693 criminals convicted in Switzerland, 53,895 were non-Swiss nationals.
  • Foreigners comprised 57.5 percent of all criminal convictions.

Prophecy: Daniel 11:40 reveals that a German-led Europe will be provoked to action by outside nations. Switzerland has traditionally been a tolerant society, but will this change as other European nations crack down on the immigration problem?