Wildfires Spread Throughout Western Canada

Thousands of Canadians received alerts and evacuation orders as wildfires blazed throughout Western Canada over the weekend.

Some 3,500 residents of Fort Nelson, British Columbia, evacuated their homes on Friday when a nearby wildfire nearly doubled in size within a day, covering 10,220 acres. Authorities warned those wishing to remain in the area that “emergency medical services are not available, nor are groceries or other amenities.”

Multiple threats: This is just one of multiple wildfires throughout the nation. An estimated 24,710 acres across Western Canada are in flames.

  • British Columbia has 50 active fires that are currently out of control.
  • Alberta: 45
  • Saskatchewan: 15
  • Manitoba: 12

Neighboring provinces and American states have issued air quality warnings as smoke blows in, turning skies orange.

In early April, the federal government warned that Canada expected to face a “catastrophic” wildfire season and higher-than-normal spring and summer temperatures.

Why disasters? Year after year, Western Canada has been plagued with such fires. To understand the spiritual reasons why these fires and other weather calamities are happening, read our free booklet Why ‘Natural’ Disasters?