Iran Is Backing Radical Groups in Sudan’s Civil War

Iran is gaining control of Sudan by throwing resources at multiple parties in the nation’s civil war, the National Interest reported on Tuesday.

Should Iran succeed, its victory would add to the enemies surrounding Israel and aid Tehran’s plot to cut America off from the vital Suez Canal. However, this situation poses a much greater threat to Europe, which may work to prevent Iran from conquering Sudan.

Civil war: Sudan’s war between the Rapid Support Forces (rsf) and the Sudanese Armed Forces (saf) has engulfed the country since April 15, 2023. The saf is more radically Islamist, thus favored by Iran.

After a roughly seven-year hiatus in Iranian-Sudanese relations, Iran and the saf restored diplomatic ties in October. Since then, Iran has supplied Mohajer 6 drones, which have helped the saf advance.

Though the rsf has gained more territory than the saf, the former is so hated in Sudan that it is unlikely to win. Iran is taking advantage of this and working to reverse the rsf’s wins. But Iran is also supporting another group to fulfill its goals.

A new Hamas? Iran is empowering Kizan, another radical Islamist group in Sudan. The Kizan has ties to Iranian proxies Hamas and Hezbollah, as well as the African offshoots of al Qaeda. At the same time, saf leader Abdel Fattah al-Burhan has promoted ideologies similar to those of Iran’s proxies while welcoming several visits from the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps.

Burhan has denied accusations of relations with Kizan, likely because Sudan’s former leader, who was radically Islamist, lost his power in a coup. Burhan does not want to share the same fate.

Prophesied trend: The Bible prophesied that in the end time Iran would work to take control of countries bordering the Red Sea. With its power around this vital region, Iran will push at its enemies—especially Europe.

Europe’s retaliation will spark a conflict that will affect the entire Earth.

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