Russia Ends UN Sanctions Panel for North Korea

Russia is covering up its “dangerous dealings” with North Korea by disabling a United Nations body overseeing sanctions on the country, a report by the Diplomat on May 9 said.

This Russian move “is a major blow to the global system for limiting the spread of nuclear weapons and the means of their delivery” and “leaves us all less secure,” the report noted.

The UN 1718 Committee Panel of Experts ended in late April after a resolution mandating its extension was vetoed by Russia.

Why it matters: The panel was used by members of the UN Security Council for 15 years to limit North Korea’s ability to produce and spread nuclear weapons and other munitions.

A joint statement by France, Japan, South Korea, the United Kingdom and the United States in March said that ending the panel makes it “easier for [North Korea] to pursue nuclear weapons and their delivery systems” and helps the country to “continue its unlawful activity with a sense of impunity.”

Helping Russia: Russia was “flagrantly violating” UN sanctions on North Korea in its desperation for more weapons to use against Ukraine, the report said. North Korea supplied Russia with almost 11,000 containers of munitions and related materiel over the last seven months, along with several dozen ballistic missiles.

Asian alliance: The Bible prophesies that a multinational Asian alliance led by Russia will emerge in the end time and play a terrifying role in world events. Russia ending the sanctions panel as it seeks assistance from North Korea is the latest evidence that this alliance is emerging, and it is making the world a more dangerous place.

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