Putin Orders Tactical Nuclear Weapons Drills

Russian President Vladimir Putin ordered drills with tactical nuclear weapons in response to “provocative statements and threats of certain Western officials regarding the Russian Federation,” the Defense Ministry stated on May 6.

This is Russia’s first public announcement of drills involving tactical nuclear weapons.

Europe’s ‘provocation’: The order came after French President Emmanuel Macron said last week that his country would consider sending ground troops to Ukraine. “If Russia wins in Ukraine, there will be no security in Europe. Who can pretend that Russia will stop there?” he said.

A day later, United Kingdom Foreign Secretary David Cameron said Ukraine could use British weapons against Russian targets. Moscow warned that it would fire back on British military facilities and equipment if it suffered Ukrainian strikes with UK-supplied weapons.

The statement also came right before Putin’s inauguration on Tuesday, followed by the annual Victory Day celebration on Thursday that commemorates the Soviet victory in World War ii.

World War iii? Since Russia’s full-scale war against Ukraine in 2022, it has repeatedly threatened nuclear war if the West continues providing Ukraine with weapons. The ordered nuclear drills show that Putin remains fiercely determined to deter the West and carry out his plans in Ukraine and beyond.

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