France Ready to Share Nuclear Weapons With Europe

France is “ready to contribute more to the defense of Europe,” President Emmanuel Macron said on April 28. Nuclear weapons could be part of Europe’s common defense strategy, he added.

“I am ready to open this debate, which must include antimissile defense, long-range capabilities and nuclear weapons for those who have them or who host American nuclear armaments,” Macron told French regional press group ebra.

Vital interests: France, which has about 300 nuclear warheads, has pledged to only use nuclear weapons when its vital interests are threatened. But now, Macron says there is a “European dimension” to these vital interests.

He first asked European allies to participate in French nuclear exercises in February 2020. But since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, the need for European countries to have a nuclear deterrent has become even more pressing.

Germany’s nuclear army: Like Macron, Germany has also been promoting the construction of a mighty European military. Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry explained why France’s offer of nuclear weapons is so appealing to Germany:

Only Germany, Italy and the Netherlands have access to nuclear bombs under the nato nuclear-sharing agreement. After Britain left the [European Union], France is the only EU nation with its own nuclear weapons. But if Europe is to possess an army that can defend itself “even against the United States,” then it cannot rely on American nukes. …

Germany doesn’t want to give up America’s nuclear bombs. But Macron’s support for Europeanizing France’s bombs gives Germany more negotiating power with America. Germany can in effect say, We don’t need your nuclear bombs; we can have France’s or develop our own bombs with French support.

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