U.S. Spends $1 Billion on Munitions for the Middle East

The United States Navy is short at least $1 billion in critical munitions because of operations in the Middle East, Navy Secretary Carlos Del Toro said on April 16. The Pentagon is asking for congressional supplemental funding to help replenish that amount.

[T]he over $2 billion that’s provided for in the supplemental is direly critical to our Navy and Marine Corps to be able to replenish those munitions and continue to provide the types of defensive measures that we have this past six months now.
—Carlos Del Toro

Multiple threats: The October 7 Hamas attacks on Israel led the U.S. to station Navy warships in the Red Sea and Mediterranean Sea.

Since December, U.S. warships have worked to shoot down Houthi missiles and drones while carrying out strikes against the terrorists, who continue to block commercial shipping in the Red Sea. Last weekend, U.S. warships in the Mediterranean intercepted multiple Iranian ballistic missiles during Tehran’s most brazen attack on Israel yet.

Del Toro said over 130 direct attacks on U.S. Navy ships and merchant ships have been countered in the past six months.

Weak-willed: The U.S. has the best navy in the world and plenty of resources to quickly drive back the Houthis and other terrorist groups. However, it has failed to confront its enemies in a powerful way because it lacks the willingness to do so.

God said in Leviticus 26:19 that He would “break the pride of your power,” referring primarily to the U.S. and Britain today. Because of this weak will, America is spending much for little effect.

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