Russia Secretly Wars to Weaken U.S.

Russia’s Foreign Ministry is officially waging an “offensive information campaign” against a “coalition of unfriendly countries” led by the United States, according to a secret policy document discussed by the Washington Post on Wednesday.

Details: In the “Foreign Policy Concept of the Russian Federation,” a classified addendum notes a “need to continue adjusting our approach to relations with unfriendly states.” It calls for attacks on “the military-political, economic and trade, and informational psychological spheres” of the U.S. and its partners.

The 2023 document later states: “It’s important to create a mechanism for finding the vulnerable points of their external and internal policies with the aim of developing practical steps to weaken Russia’s opponents.”

Hybrid war: This document proves that Russia is launching a hybrid war against the West: a war the late Herbert W. Armstrong predicted decades ago based on Bible prophecy. Hybrid warfare is a blend of conventional, political, irregular and cyber warfare mixed with other influences, such as fake news and diplomacy.

Our free booklet He Was Right notes:

During and after the Second World War, Mr. Armstrong dogmatically proclaimed the biblical truth that Russia would not attack America militarily before the Second Coming of Jesus Christ. Instead, he revealed that Russia would wage a psychological warfare of propaganda, infiltration, subversion and demoralization. The Communist Russians would attack “our minds, our moral and spiritual values, rather than our bodies and our earthly possessions.”

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