Sydney Church Stabbing Declared a Terrorist Attack

A teenage boy was arrested after stabbing four people, including a prominent bishop, during a church service in Sydney, Australia, Monday evening. Police declared it a “terrorist incident.”

The attack: Bishop Mar Mari Emmanuel of the Assyrian Christ the Good Shepherd Church was repeatedly stabbed when the 16-year-old attacked him with a knife during a live-streamed service.

Churchgoers immediately rushed to stop the boy and pinned him to the ground. At least four people were injured in the commotion.

A video caught the teenager saying in Arabic:

If they didn’t insult my prophet, I wouldn’t have come here. If he didn’t involve himself in my religion, I would not have come here.

Bishop Emmanuel is a popular controversial preacher, born in Iraq and known for openly criticizing such things as the lgbt movement, covid-19 lockdowns, the pope and Islam.

Aftermath: Hundreds of protesters quickly gathered outside the church after the attack, making it difficult for police to take the teenager into custody. Police were forced to hold him at the church for more than three hours for his own safety.

The angry crowd outside chanted “Bring him out” and “An eye for an eye,” while they threw stones at police barricading the church. At least 30 people were injured in the violence.

Islamic extremism: Islamic terrorist attacks are growing worse around the globe. This religious extremism is not limited to the Middle East.

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