Chinese Sales of Military Equipment to Russia Soars

Most of Russia’s microelectronics and machine tools that are used to fight Ukraine came from China in 2023, according to a Friday report from United States intelligence officials.

  • 90 percent of Russia’s microelectronics (which Moscow has used to make weapons) came from China in 2023.
  • 70 percent of Russia’s machine tool imports (approximately $900 million worth) from last quarter came from China.
  • China is helping Russia improve its satellite and other space-based capabilities for use in Ukraine.
  • China is providing Russia with satellite imagery to use against Ukraine.

Chinese companies have helped Russia by:

  • Making unmanned aerial vehicles inside Russia
  • Providing nitrocellulose, which is used in making ammunition
  • Providing parts and military optics used in Russian tanks and armored vehicles
  • Providing unmanned aerial vehicles and turbojet engines (used in cruise missiles)

Why it matters: The Bible prophesies that Russia and China will become strong military partners in our modern time. Friday’s report shows a key area where this is already being fulfilled.

Bible prophecy shows that Russia and China will lead an enormous military alliance of Asian nations, an axis that will be a main player in a soon-coming nuclear World War iii.

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