French Navy Trains for ‘High-Intensity Warfare’

The French Navy is shifting away from policing operations to prepare for warfare, Rear Adm. Jacques Mallard, commander of France’s Carrier Strike Group, told Politico in an exclusive interview from April 10.

Naval combat is becoming increasingly likely. We’re moving from a world where we were pretty free to do as we pleased to one where we feel threatened on a more regular basis. … We now train for other missions, in particular what we call high-intensity warfare.
—Jacques Mallard

As Russia’s war on Ukraine encroaches on the Black Sea and Iran-backed Houthis continue to attack vessels in the Red Sea, Western navies have to adapt to a world with “increasingly uninhibited competitors,” Mallard told Politico. “That’s where we become a little more aggressive, or at least, we prepare to be.”

The French Navy is training its sailors to fight enemies in combat situations rather than training for missions aimed solely at catching criminals, he explained.

Not someone who wants to do illegal trafficking, not someone who wants to steal fish, not someone who wants to watch or observe us; someone who wants to destroy us.
—Jacques Mallard

Nuclear power: France is the only European Union member operating a nuclear-powered aircraft carrier armed with nuclear weapons. Its battle group also includes nuclear submarines, frigates and Rafale fighter jets.

According to Politico, France plans to begin a mission in the Mediterranean Sea soon.

Why watch France? The Trumpet has closely watched France’s military build-up for decades because of what Bible prophecy warns about the rise of a unified and militarized Europe. France will play a major role in the rise of this superpower bloc and its effect on the whole world.

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