Germany to Order €7 Billion Worth of Ships and Armored Vehicles

Germany will spend €7 billion (us$7.5 billion) on two new navy frigates and hundreds of armored vehicles this quarter, Bloomberg reported on April 8.

The government will buy two F126 frigates for about €3 billion, taking the total number to six. It will also order 900 Fuchs armored transporters manufactured by Rheinmetall worth €4 billion.

The purchases will help Germany reach the nato target of spending at least 2 percent of gross domestic product on the military. This will be the first year since the 1990s that it meets the goal.

German militarism: The large orders are part of the nation’s push to modernize and upgrade its military in response to Russia’s war on Ukraine. Germany will continue to ramp up production of arms domestically and in the rest of Europe.

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