Sunni Terrorists Attack Iran Security Forces

Jaish al-Adl, a Sunni terrorist group, killed at least 11 Iranian security officers but lost 18 of its members in attacks on the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (irgc) headquarters in the southeastern province of Sistan-Baluchestan, Iranian state media reported on April 4.

The attacks lasted 17 hours, during which gunmen entered homes and took civilians hostage as human shields. Several terrorists wearing vests with explosives blew themselves up during the fighting.

Their goal was to seize the headquarters of the Revolutionary Guards in Rask and martyr the security forces and capture the headquarters of the Guards, naval outposts and security forces headquarters in Chabahar.
—Majid Mirahmadi, Iran’s deputy interior minister

Jaish al-Adl, which translates to “Army of Justice,” says it wants better rights and living conditions for the ethnic minority Baluchis in the Shia-dominated Iran. The group has recently claimed responsibility for several attacks on security forces in the area.

Failed attempt: The Sunni group failed to seize the irgc headquarters. A statement by the irgc said the terrorists “were met with the tact, patience and intelligence of the security forces.”

[T]he zealous fighters of the Southeast Security Base of the irgc Ground Forces engaged with them with the participation of the police command forces and during a decisive operation all the terrorists and armed bandits were killed and complete security and peace was restored to the areas.
irgc statement

King of radical Islam: Though some Sunni terrorist groups wield considerable power, Iran’s shia-dominated irgc has been able to shut them down. Expect Iran to continue cracking down on such groups as it strengthens its own position, further cementing its role as the king of Islamic terror.

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