China Conquering Canada From Within

Two Chinese plots to infiltrate Canada’s government surfaced on Tuesday and Wednesday during the Ottawa hearings on foreign interference in Canadian elections.

  1. On Tuesday, Han Dong, a Chinese-born member of Canada’s Parliament, admitted to knowing that Chinese students from outside his electoral district were bussed in to vote for him and secure his 2019 election. A report said there was indication that a “known [Chinese Consulate] proxy agent” led this effort by supplying the students “with falsified documents to allow them to vote” and issuing “veiled threats” regarding the students’ visas and families to coerce them into submission.
  2. On Wednesday, Canadian intelligence officials unveiled a report showing they knew about China’s plans to influence Canada’s 2021 elections. The report revealed that Beijing identified anti-China candidates and attacked them through “false narratives.”

Communist takeover: The Trumpet’s forerunner magazine, the Plain Truth, warned that after losing the Cold War, Communist nations would attempt to infiltrate Western nations from the inside.

This warning was based on Bible prophecy. It is now being fulfilled as China illegally fills Canada’s power centers with pro-China officials. This Communist takeover is exacerbating the troubles Western nations face.

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