Bloomberg: U.S. Economy Is Unsustainable

Eighty-eight percent of a million simulations run by Bloomberg Economics concluded that the United States’ debt-to-gdp ratio is on an unsustainable path, Bloomberg reported on Monday.

The simulations were conducted in light of ominous estimates from the Congressional Budget Office, which said the debt-to-gdp ratio would rise from last year’s 97 percent to 116 percent by 2034.

But things are likely even worse than these abysmal figures show. When the market’s current view on interest rates are considered, the debt-to-gdp ratio could rise to 123 percent by 2034.

Financial collapse prophesied: Bible prophecies foretold America’s economic troubles and the financial collapse they foreshadow. This collapse will lead to the rise of one of the most powerful empires in history—an empire that will conquer America and its allies.

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