Thousands of Israelis Protest Against Netanyahu

Thousands of Israelis have rallied in protests across the nation against Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu for mishandling the war in Gaza.

Since Saturday night, protests have been held in Tel Aviv, Jerusalem, Haifa, Be’er Sheva and Caesarea. In Jerusalem, they gathered in front of the Knesset and Netanyahu’s home.

Reasons: The streets were mainly filled with worried family members of Gazan hostages and people who want the election date, scheduled for 2026, to be moved forward or for Netanyahu to resign.

Ultraorthodox men have also joined the protests because the Supreme Court ruled they are no longer exempt from military service.

Despite Netanyahu promising to rescue the hostages, some believe he has taken too long.

They are not concerned about what happens in the country and with the people. They are concerned about maintaining their position in government. They work for themselves, not for the people. Simple as that.
—Refael Shakked-Gavish

Funded by the U.S.? Last year, the Biden administration was caught funding anti-Netanyahu protests. Prior to that, the Obama administration was caught funding a liberal group that was also anti-Netanyahu. Protest organizer Ami Dror has told his supporters that the Biden administration is behind them.

Pivot in Israel’s alliance: Since its birth in the 1940s, Israel has had a strong ally in the United States—until recently. Losing support from its biggest ally compromises Israel’s security, and many blame Netanyahu for it.

As the U.S. turns its back on Israel and the internal solutions narrow, Israel will turn to another ally for help.