‘Havana Syndrome’ Mystery Illness Linked to Russia

Russia was likely behind a series of unexplained health incidents known as “Havana syndrome,” according to an investigation published by the Insider, 60 Minutes and Der Spiegel on March 31.

The investigation found that Russia’s gru military intelligence agency Unit 29155 may be behind the mystery illness that American officials across the world have suffered in recent years.

What is Havana syndrome? Symptoms of the neurological disease, which is also referred to as “anomalous health incidents,” include nausea, severe headaches, ear pain, fatigue, insomnia and sluggishness.

The illness was first reported at the United States Embassy in Cuba in 2016. Cases have since been reported in China, Russia, Vietnam, Austria, Germany and other countries where U.S. officials were expected to travel.

They saw us getting closer and closer to Cuba, and they wanted to stop it.
—Army Lt. Col. Greg Edgreen (Ret.)

Around 1,500 cases of Havana syndrome among U.S. government personnel have been reported across 96 countries, U.S. officials estimated.

Studies suggest the illness is a result of a radio frequency energy that includes microwaves. Lawmakers have suggested they are a result of directed energy attacks. Studies published last month found no signs of physical harm.

Russian weapon? Havana syndrome has previously been linked to Russia. Russian President Vladimir Putin has long been strongly opposed to the U.S., and it would not be surprising if he were behind the mysterious illness.

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