Iran Continues Construction of Underground Nuclear Facility

Iran is continuing to construct an underground nuclear facility beneath Mount Kolang Gaz La, the Institute for Science and International Security reported on March 25.

Construction: Satellite imagery from Oct. 25, 2022, to Jan. 15, 2024, showed ongoing construction and excavation activity around a tunnel complex located just south of the Natanz Fuel Enrichment Plant.

The satellite photos show:

  • Piles of waste removed during the digging
  • Heavy machinery, such as dump trucks and bulldozers
  • Clearings and ground scraping
  • New buildings and structures, such as security outposts
  • Construction material situated near the tunnel’s entrances

While the initial construction of the four tunnel entrances was believed to have been finished in October 2022, the ongoing construction is “likely related to the finishing of the underground rooms inside the tunnel complex,” the report explains.

Code 3.1: Iran is violating international law with the continued construction of the complex because it does not comply with “the obligations under modified Code 3.1 of its Comprehensive Safeguards Agreement (csa) to declare new nuclear facilities such as uranium enrichment plants in the design phase,” the report explains.

In February 2021, Iran told the the International Atomic Energy Agency that it would not abide by the code.

Appeasement: Rebeccah Heinrichs, senior fellow at Hudson Institute and the director of its Keystone Defense Initiative, told Daily Wire that a huge reason Iran has continued its construction of this and other nuclear facilities is because of appeasement form the Biden administration.

There could not be a [United States] team more eager to placate the Iran regime than this White House, and the approach has only encouraged the regime to become more belligerent, more dangerous, and willing to advance its illicit nuclear program. We are running out of time to overhaul this Middle East strategy. Iran cannot be permitted to finish this site.
—Rebeccah Heinrichs

Watch Europe: Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry has been warning for years that Iran’s aggression is growing. As America backs away from the Middle East, Bible prophecy foretells that Iran’s pushiness will force Europe to respond.

In his recent article “Is the Red Sea Crisis About to Fulfill Bible Prophecy?”, Mr. Flurry wrote:

In the next few days or weeks or months, Iran is expected to achieve nuclear capability and finish production on seven nuclear bombs!

Many analysts have warned that Iran becoming a nuclear power poses a particular danger. In the mullahs’ religious view, their version of the Messiah will hasten his return in the event of a catastrophic war, even if Iran provokes it. …

No nation on Earth thinks like Iran and would be so eager to use nuclear bombs!

Europe is well acquainted with terrorism, and its nations are within range of Iranian missiles. This means that when Iran is ready to unleash nuclear weapons on Israel, it could also fire them on Europe.

As Iran continues to push forward to become a nuclear power, keep an eye on Europe’s response.