Russian Missile Enters Polish Air Space

A Russian cruise missile entered Polish air space for 39 seconds on March 24 during a major air strike on Ukraine’s western region of Lviv and capital Kyiv. The missile traveled about 1.2 miles into Poland’s air space before crossing back into Ukraine.

Repeated violation: Poland has been caught multiple times in the crossfire between Russia and Ukraine.

  • In November 2022, two Poles were killed in a missile explosion caused by a stray Ukrainian air defense missile.
  • A month later, the country’s defense was put on high alert when a Russian missile entered its air space.

Testing the waters? The current relationship between Russia and nato member Poland is tense. Having suffered Russian brutality in the past, Poland is now among the most resolute nations standing against Russian aggression. It is significantly expanding its military power to defend against Russia.

Poland was described as a “dangerous enemy” by former Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, one of Putin’s close allies. Is it possible Russia is testing Poland’s air defense or working to desensitize the nation to air space incursions?

It’s unclear whether the Russians did this deliberately, but this event might just be the start of increased harassment from Moscow.
—Pekka Toveri, Finnish parliamentarian and former head of military intelligence

Watch: Poland has historically been a buffer zone between Russia and Europe. This is partly why other nato members are concerned about Russia’s pushy behavior toward Poland. As those concerns grow, watch for Europe to band together as one united military power.

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