Russia Has to Close Prisons as Inmates Fight in Ukraine

Russia has recruited so many prisoners for the war effort against Ukraine that two prisons in the Siberian Krasnoyarsk region will have to be closed soon, the region’s human rights commissioner, Mark Denisov, said on March 21.

I note one alarming trend: A one-time large reduction in the number of convicts in the conditions of the special military operation prompted someone to report to the top about the need to close penitentiary institutions in order to optimize and save money. A number of institutions will be closed this year in our region.
—Mark Denisov

Russia has recruited prisoners to fight in Ukraine since early 2022, when the Wagner mercenary group began visiting penal colonies to recruit new soldiers, promising them release from prison after six months of fighting.

Putin’s war effort: Russian President Vladimir Putin is so fiercely determined to conquer Ukraine that he is willing to mass recruit prisoners, pardoning them no matter what savage crime they committed, and releasing many dangerous men back onto Russian streets after their time on the front lines is served.

Expect Putin to use this same determination to fight even larger wars in the future.

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