Robert Hur’s Testimony Reveals Double Standard

Special Counsel Robert Hur stood before the House Judiciary Committee on Tuesday to explain why he recommended that Joe Biden not be charged for mishandling classified documents.

Despite finding evidence that Biden “willfully retained classified materials after the end of his vice presidency, when he was a private citizen,” Hur didn’t give a convincing reason why Biden was not charged.

Double standard: Compare this to President Donald Trump, who willingly returned 15 boxes of records to the National Archives, yet the Federal Bureau of Investigation still raided his Mar-a-Lago home. It took the National Archives only two years to report missing documents, while it took six years for it to realize that any were missing from Biden.

Public opinion: A Tipp Poll found that 62 percent of Americans surveyed about the handling of classified documents believe that the Justice Department was more lenient toward Biden than Trump. Of Democrats, 69 percent said Hur was lenient on Biden. But Hur insists that he and his department were impartial.

Lies: This report also exposed more of Biden’s lies.

Biden referred to material in his notebook as “classified” content. Yet he insisted the term was used in a “generic sense” to refer to “sensitive or private topics,” not formally classified national security information. Hur concluded the report by writing, “It is not plausible that a person of his knowledge and experience used the term ‘classified’ in this context as a euphemism for ‘private.’”

Biden also lied about Hur bringing up the death of his son Beau during an interview.

Concern: Florida Republican Congressman Matt Gaetz said, “Biden and Trump should have been treated equally. They weren’t. And that is the double standard that I think a lot of Americans are concerned about.”

The Department of Justice should be upholding the law, so why the double standard?

The Trumpet says: The investigation into classified documents is a clear example of a double standard in the Department of Justice. As we wrote last month, “The outcome of Joe Biden’s classified documents scandal shows that America has lost the rule of law.”