Iran-Linked Terror Threat Is Emerging in Europe, Report Says

Authorities in Europe are facing a growing number of terror threats linked to the Israel-Hamas war, the Wall Street Journal reported on March 12.

  • On Monday, Italian authorities detained three Palestinians suspected of being members of the terrorist group al-Aqsa Martyrs’ Brigade.
  • In December, Austrian and Bosnian police arrested two groups of Afghan and Syrian refugees who carried Kalashnikov assault rifles and pistols. Pictures of Jewish and Israeli targets in Europe were found on the suspects’ mobile phones.
  • A group of Tajik nationals suspected of planning attacks on the Cologne Cathedral in Germany and St. Stephen’s Cathedral in Vienna were arrested late last year.
  • In December, German and Dutch investigators arrested four people who allegedly received an order from Hamas to open a secret stockpile of weapons to attack Jewish institutions in Berlin and elsewhere in Western Europe.

Ahead of its time: These incidents suggest Europe’s terror threat is coming from “new sources,” the report says, referring to Iran and its terrorist groups in the Middle East such as Hezbollah and Hamas.

The Trumpet has warned since the 1990s that Iran and its radical Islamist groups would clash with Europe. This forecast is based on the sure word of Bible prophecy.

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