New York to Deploy National Guard to Its Subway

New York Governor Kathy Hochul announced on Wednesday that she will deploy the National Guard as part of a five-step plan to bolster security throughout the city’s subway system. Serious assaults over the past week sparked the additional security measures.

“Let me be very, very clear,” Hochul said: “These brazen attacks on our subway system will not be tolerated.”

Five steps: To combat subway crime, Hochul plans to:

  • Deploy 750 members of the National Guard, along with 1,000 members of state personnel, to assist New York Police Department (nypd) bag checks
  • Allow judges to ban people convicted of assault from using the subway
  • Improve communications between law enforcement and district attorneys
  • Install new surveillance cameras to protect staff and customers
  • Give $20 million to the scout team pilot program to address mental health and homelessness in the subway.

Dropping crime? The nypd reported that major offenses committed in the city’s subway system have dropped more than 15 percent since last February. New York City Mayor Eric Adams has continued to assure the public that crime remains rare with six felony crimes per day across 4 million daily trips. But commuters continue to feel unsafe.

Will this plan make New York’s subway safer?

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