Biden-Supported Palestinian Authority Finances Hamas

The Palestinian Authority (PA) is committed to paying more than $97 million to Hamas for the atrocities it committed on October 7, according to estimates from the Israel Defense Forces discussed by the Washington Free Beacon on March 4.

Supporting terrorists: For years, the PA has financially supported Palestinians who attack Israel. It pays the families of terrorists killed in their attacks. Hamas’s invasion did not end this “pay for slay” policy.

The Palestinian Authority has committed to pay nearly $100 million for over 13,000 terrorists in 2024. And it is increasing its support of terrorism in the West Bank, which it governs.

Betrayal: United States President Joe Biden is pushing for a “revamped” PA to govern Gaza and the West Bank as a Palestinian state and lead the peace process with Israel. Yet the PA vocally supports Jewish genocide, so Biden’s plan would only make things worse.

The Bible prophesies that the U.S. will turn on the State of Israel. To learn more, read “Betraying Israel in Its Hour of Need.”