North Korea’s Growing Might

North Korea has worked to strengthen both its regional and military might as the world is fixated elsewhere, the Wall Street Journal reported on Tuesday.

According to Bloomberg, North Korean leader Kim Jong-un is confident in his power and ideology, crushing hope for a peaceful Korean reunification. This concerns the West for two reasons:

  1. North Korea is strengthening its nuclear arsenal. Historically, Pyongyang developed nuclear weapons to test and sell the technology. Now it is making nuclear weapons to keep in its arsenal, regardless of the sanctions that will follow.
  2. North Korea is drawing closer to Russia. This alliance of ideological enemies threatens the West.

Coming alliance: Both of the above trends were prophesied long ago in the Holy Bible. Multiple Bible prophecies foretell a coming Asian alliance, led by Russia, that will use nuclear weaponry and lead a 200 million-man army to kill one third of mankind.

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