Will Moldova Be Russia’s Next Conquest?

Transnistria, a de facto Russian state in eastern Moldova, will request that Russia officially annex it on February 28, Moldovan politician Gennady Chorba warned on Wednesday. A congress of deputies is scheduled to meet on that day in Tiraspol, the capital of Transnistria.

Chorba also noted that Russian President Vladimir Putin is scheduled to address the Federal Assembly in Moscow the next day, in which he could announce his acceptance of this request.

Troubled history: Russia has long sought control over Moldova and succeeded in establishing it throughout most of the 1800s and again in the Soviet era, starting in the 1940s. After the Soviet Union’s collapse in 1991, Moldova declared independence. But Russia set out to reassert control over it.

By mid-1992, Russia had conquered Transnistria, which became a de facto Russian state and has remained so ever since, complete with some 1,500 Russian troops stationed there to ensure it stays under Russian control.

Expanding war? Putin seems to be riding high on recent successes in Ukraine. That confidence may mean he is no longer willing to let Transnistria be only a de facto Russian state. He may feel it is time to make it official.

Chorba called on the deputies not to allow the request of annexation, since it would grant Putin leave to attack Moldova, including Transnistria, “under any pretext.”

Mrs. President Sandu, your entourage constantly scared you with the fact that Russia will attack the territory of the Republic of Moldova. But you did not take into account the fact that the psychology of the current leadership of Russia, especially Putin, is very similar to that of Hitler since the end of the ’30s of the 20th century. Attempts to reconcile individuals like Putin lead to only one thing, increasing the appetite of the aggressor.
—Gennady Chorba

The Trumpet says: Some Western leaders argue that Putin’s territorial ambitions end in eastern Ukraine and that peace could be made if Ukraine would give Russia some of its territory. Historically, such appeasement has proved to be very dangerous. Weakness only emboldens expansionists like Putin, and it could see the war expand into areas such as Moldova.

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