Houthis Threaten Europe: ‘Do Not Play With Fire’

“Europeans, do not play with fire,” senior Houthi official Mohammed Ali al-Houthi posted on X on February 20. “Take a lesson from Britain,” the post continued, referring to the British ship that was sunk by the Houthis earlier this week.

“You do not need the support of the American devil in protecting the occupying entity so that it can exterminate the people of Gaza with no disturbance,” he added, claiming that “international navigation is safe.”

EU mission: The warning came right after the European Union approved to send its own warships to the Red Sea in Operation Aspides. This mission was launched to secure freedom of navigation in the waters currently imperiled by the Houthis. Its sailors have orders to fire on the terrorists if they are attacked first.

Iranian weapon: The Houthis are a terrorist group backed by Iran. Their bold threats—and America and Britain’s failure to neutralize the group—indicate they could soon step up their attacks on European shipping.

To learn where this is leading, read Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry’s article “The Battle for the Red Sea.”