China Pushes Harder Against Taiwan

Taiwan drove away a Chinese Coast Guard vessel that entered waters near Taipei’s front-line Kinmen islands on Tuesday.

This is the latest of a string of events concerning the Kinmen islands, showing how Sino-Taiwanese tensions are quickly rising.

Backstory: On February 14, two Chinese fishermen in the region were killed when their boat collided with a Taiwanese Coast Guard boat. China deemed the tragedy a “brutal treatment of mainland fishermen.” It said such events have increased since the Democratic Progressive Party took power in Taiwan in 2016.

In response, China announced it would increase patrols in the area. On Monday, the Coast Guard boarded a Taiwanese tour boat that seemingly entered Chinese territory while trying to avoid shoals.

Main takeaway: Decades ago, Trumpet editor in chief Gerald Flurry foretold Taiwan’s fall and China’s increased aggression. These trends align with Bible prophecies.

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