Wanted: Estonia’s Prime Minister

Russia has placed Estonia’s prime minister, Kaja Kallas, on a wanted list for what it calls a “desecration of historical memory.” According to Russian officials, she is on the list for removing Soviet-era World War ii monuments.

Although Kallas is the first foreign leader to be placed on Russia’s wanted list, dozens of other East European officials have also been added.

Supporting Ukraine: Since Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, Estonia has strongly supported Ukraine. To demonstrate this support, Kallas announced in 2022 that 200 to 400 monuments would be dismantled by Estonian officials. Other East European nations have done the same.

I refuse to be silenced—I will continue to vocally support Ukraine and advocate for the strengthening of European defenses.
—Kaja Kallas

Recent history: Many of the bordering countries to Russia can relate to Ukraine’s predicament. During Soviet occupation, Estonia had 7,450 people killed and some 10,200 deported to Siberia.

“This hits close to home for me,” Kallas said. “My grandmother and mother were once deported to Siberia, and it was the kgb who issued the fabricated arrest warrants.”

Many other European countries feel the Russian threat very personally. They don’t want a repeat of history, and that fear is forging a European unification.

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