Lebanon Strikes Israel, Israel Fires Back

An Israeli soldier was killed and eight others were hospitalized after at least 11 rockets were fired from Lebanon and struck an Israel Defense Forces (idf) base in northern Israel yesterday. Israel fired back, launching its heaviest attack on Lebanon since the beginning of the Israel-Hamas war.

No group claimed responsibility for the rocket fire, but the attack is believed to have been carried out by Hezbollah.

Counterattack: “The idf struck the sources of the fire,” the idf said in a statement. In addition, fighter jets carried out “an extensive wave of attacks in Lebanese territory,” Israeli Rear Adm. Daniel Hagari announced.

The idf said the air strikes targeted Hezbollah sites and infrastructure belonging to terror groups.

Lebanese and Hezbollah sources claim some of the Israeli strikes have hit civilians, killing at least 12 people, including women and children.

As we have made clear time and time again, Israel is not interested in a war on two fronts. But if provoked, we will respond forcefully. The current reality, where tens of thousands of Israelis are displaced and cannot return to their homes, is unbearable. They must be able to return home and live in peace and security.
—Ilana Stein, Israeli spokesperson

Evacuation: Since the start of the Gaza war, the idf has evacuated 42 communities and one city along the Israel-Lebanon border due to threats and attacks from Hezbollah.

Some 200,000 Israelis, including those evacuated along the Gaza border, have been displaced due to the conflict.

The Trumpet said: In December, we wrote:

Hezbollah is far better armed than Hamas. Taking Hezbollah out would be a much more intimidating undertaking. But the October 7 massacre showed Israel what happens when it doesn’t keep a festering terrorist neighbor in check. What Hamas did was horrendous; allowing Hezbollah the opportunity to launch the first strike would be catastrophic.

Our long-standing forecast is that Lebanon will leave Iran’s orbit to ally with Europe. An Israeli attack on Hezbollah is one way that could happen. To understand why we make this forecast, read “Will Israel Invade Lebanon?