German AfD Activists Discuss Nazi Ideas

Activists from the Alternative für Deutschland (AfD) party in Germany made shocking statements supporting policies of Nazi Germany during World War ii, the Times reported on February 7 based on an investigation by rtl.

Undercover reporters from rtl joined the AfD’s Youth Alternative in a “hike for heroes,” commemorating German victims of World War ii. One activist told the reporters:

Have you ever asked yourself why the Jews have been hated by all the nations who had anything to do with them for the past 4,000 years? The solution with the Jews would be to allot them an area where they will all go.

Another said that all people in Germany with a migrant background should be put in a ghetto and starved until they decide “to go back.” When asked what to do when migrants resist, he responded:

Yes, in my view there should be a certain readiness to commit violence. If I were the state, I would try to recruit volunteers who are willing to shoot even women and children.

Others said Mein Kampf should be made compulsory reading in schools and that couples should have at least four children to revive the native German population.

The Trumpet says: Many in Germany are dissatisfied with the current government, which has led to the rise in popularity of parties like the AfD as people seek alternative leadership.

However, with parties like the AfD, a dangerous Nazi spirit is rising in Germany and the rest of Europe. Bible prophecy shows this Nazi spirit will soon lead to the seventh and final resurrection of a church-led European superpower.

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