Russia Escalating Attack on Avdiivka

Russia is intensifying its attack on the long-contested Ukrainian city of Avdiivka, the Kyiv Post reported on Thursday.

Taking the city would give Russian President Vladimir Putin a much-needed victory, marking the first significant change in the war’s front line since Russia took Bakhmut last May.

Details: Putin launched his campaign on Avdiivka in October, and the fighting stalemated. Kyiv is struggling to hold the line largely because America has stopped assisting Ukraine and because Russia’s push for the city is intensifying.

There is not a single part of our city that is more or less calm. [Russia] is pressing from all directions. They are storming with very large forces.
—Vitaly Barabash, mayor of Avdiivka

He added that Avdiivka’s population, which was formerly 33,000, now stands at fewer than 950.

Determined: The fact that Putin is pushing now, instead of waiting for warmer months, indicates greater determination on his part to gain a victory in the war in the lead-up to presidential elections next month.

He may also fear that America’s restrictions on Ukrainian aid won’t last, reasoning that he must push forward while he can, regardless of the weather.

It is much harder to gain territory in the cold. Russia’s armored vehicles cannot move on Avdiivka because the ground is too soft at this time of year. Advancement and a victory during winter could give Russia momentum, pushing it forward in warmer months.

Putin’s heightened determination highlights the role Bible prophecy foretold he would play.

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