Germany Sends Additional 150 Soldiers to Kosovo

German Defense Minister Boris Pistorius announced plans on Monday to send 150 troops to Kosovo as tensions with Serbia build. Starting in April, the troops will join 90 Bundeswehr soldiers already stationed there.

Background: Kosovo, a former province of Serbia, is comprised mostly of ethnic Albanians. In 1989, war broke out between Serbia and its breakaway province, and it lasted until nato intervened in 1999 with an 11-week bombing campaign. nato established the Kosovo Force to keep peace in the region.

Since then, tensions have flared up periodically, most recently as Kosovo has tried to integrate ethnic Serbs in its north. On Sept. 24, 2023, Serbian militants attacked the police in Banjska, Kosovo. The situation has continued to deteriorate, so Kosovar President Vjosa Osmani requested bolstered protection at the Serbian border on Monday.

Germany’s response: “Nobody can have an interest in having this situation get worse,” Pistorius said. “The order of the day is dialogue and deescalation.”

He added that German Chancellor Olaf Scholz “has emphasized very clearly that the future of the Western Balkans lies in the European Union. And that must be the way forward.”

The Trumpet says: Germany’s efforts to maintain stability in the Balkans seem noble, but it is hiding dark ambitions under a cloak of peace.

Germany—the peace-broker in Kosovo, the future administrator of Kosovo and of the whole Balkan Peninsula—[will] rule the European continent and extend its powerful reach globally to impact all nations.
—Gerald Flurry, Trumpet editor in chief, Germany’s Conquest of the Balkans

Germany is extending its global reach and fulfilling Bible prophecy.